Why True Blue Life Insurance?

Because we’re different and better.

The Most Companies
No need to compromise

We quote dozens of top rated providers.

With over one hundred products to choose from, you don't have to compromise.

The Easiest Process
True Blue is built for speed

Forget snail mail, digital's the way to get it done ASAP.

We complete the paperwork for you and get you approved fast.

Top Rated Agents
We'll find you the best deal. That's a promise.

Our agents are among the top 1% of financial advisors worldwide, with access to 500+ plans.

Best Prices,
Best Companies,
Fastest Approval.

It’s our job to get you a policy at the best price, from the best-rated company, with the quickest approval possible — and we’re very good at our job. One reason is that we have access to 99% of all A-rated insurance carriers. Another is that we know exactly which companies will give you what you want.

Our True Blue Life agents have put a lot of effort into earning True Blue’s excellent reputation with insurance companies and the underwriters who work for them. With access to senior underwriters, we can find out whether you’ll get approved and how much you’re likely to pay. This extra capability represents real value — something our competitors simply don’t offer.

True Blue customer service

Customer Service Above Profits

The issue with most insurance brokers

Far too many places that sell life insurance emphasize volume at the expense of good, old-fashioned customer service. High-performing telemarketing “closers” are valued more than seasoned veterans who take the time to ensure that customers understand all of their options.

Unfortunately, the “hire in masses, train in classes, and fire their asses” approach that most call centers use is effective and profitable. It also often results in low-ball quotes, bait-and-switch practices, a high rate of declines, poor service, and, ultimately, an unsatisfactory customer experience.

By comparison, with True Blue you’ll:
  • Enjoy an experience in which you understand the product you purchase
  • Receive a quote that, 91% of the time, is your actual cost
  • Have a policy issued and delivered within the time frame the agent specifies

Your Goals,
Your Values,
Your Objectives.

According to our founder and CEO, Brian Greenberg, there’s only one difference between getting insurance through True Blue Life Insurance today versus when the company was founded in 1994:

“We’re not in your living room having you sign a 30-page paper application. But our service, the quality of the insurance companies, and the ethical commitment to our clients are still the same.”

You’ll have the opportunity to build a relationship with your True Blue Life agent and our staff. In fact, you’ll find that we treat you like family.

That’s because we’re more than agents. We’re a community of dedicated professionals who share the same values, goals, and objectives — chiefly, providing customer service at a level of excellence that’s unsurpassed by any other agency.

Brian Greenberg
CEO and company founder

Brian Greenberg, CEO of True Blue Life Insurance

Reasons to Choose True Blue

True Blue Life Insurance is all about providing an honest, unintrusive way to research and shop for life insurance.
It’s been the foundation for our company, and it’s what sets us apart today.

What this means for you:

There’s no sales pressure.

We conduct our business in a low-key environment. Our agents are here to assist you, not sell to you.

Approvals are prompt.

Our process is the quickest and most efficient possible.
We’re continually improving it to ensure there’s no wasted time during the underwriting process.

The prices are the best available.

We can get you the lowest-cost policy from among the top-rated companies.
How? True Blue is an independent agency contracted with all of the top life insurance carriers.

There’s no need to meet with an agent.

Our website and services focus on providing online convenience.
You can compare rates, shop for coverage, and submit your application request entirely online.

Your details are secure.

We use 256-bit SSL encrypting, the same online security that banks use.
You can also rest assured that we will never sell or distribute your information to anyone.

You get quotes from the best companies.

We’re impartial when it comes to the insurers we do business with. This allows us to quote dozens of A- (excellent) companies so you can compare the best prices from the best companies.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Instead, how about the words of thousands of customers?

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