Why True Blue Is Different … and Better

Experienced Agents

From a customer’s perspective, True Blue Life Insurance is unique because of the agents you deal with and the process of obtaining your insurance policy.

Our insurance agents are solid, experienced professionals—not kids in headsets with daily production quotas. Each agent has at least 10 years of experience, and many of them have a background in managing and operating their own insurance agencies and sales staffs.

At True Blue, we share a passion for communicating accurate information to our clients, but most important—we listen. Our goal is to give you an experience and an expectation. When you have a True Blue agent working for you, you’ve added a valuable member to your financial advisory team. The counsel you receive from us is advice that is driven by your individual needs, goals, and finances.

It’s the knowledgeable, professional nature of our staff that has led to the development of a client-centered and client-driven process we feel is unique to our industry.

Best Prices, Best Companies, Fastest Approval

At True Blue, we take the time to convey our concern with the importance of getting an accurate quote, and explain things in everyday language that folks can understand.

We’ll help you to be aware of the penalties incurred if you are declined, and we will work to implement the best available strategies for you moving forward. Of course, if you’re a perfectly healthy individual who has never had any medical issues and you know exactly what you want, you’ll love working with us, too.

We will work to get you the best price, the best-rated company, and the quickest approval possible. That’s because we have access to 99 percent of all A-rated insurance carriers, and we know exactly which companies will give you what you want.

Our agents have worked hard to develop our reputation with insurance companies and their underwriters. Having access to these senior underwriters can clarify if you will get approved and/or the likely price you’ll pay. This extra step represents real value—something our competitors simply don’t offer.

Customer Service Above Profits

We know and recognize that the current product distribution model for life insurance emphasizes volume at the expense of good, old-fashioned customer service. Solid telemarketing “closers” are deemed more valuable than experienced, seasoned veterans who invest their time to ensure customers understand all of their options.

The “hire in masses, train in classes, and fire their asses” approach used by most call centers is, unfortunately, an effective and profitable technique. It also oftentimes results in low-ball quotes, bait and switches, declines, poor service, and, ultimately, an unsatisfactory customer experience.

By using True Blue, you will:

  • Enjoy an experience in which you understand the product you purchase
  • Receive a quote that, 91% of the time, is your actual cost
  • Have a policy issued and delivered within the actual time frame specified by the agent

So, even though you’re doing business with an online brokerage, it WILL be different for you when you choose True Blue.

Your Values, Your Goals, Your Objectives

Our founder and CEO, Brian Greenberg, says the only difference between getting insurance through him today versus 1994 is that:

“I’m not in your living room having you sign a 30-page paper application. The service, the quality companies, and the ethical commitment to the client are still the same.

You’ll have the opportunity to build a relationship with your agent and our staff. You’ll be treated like family here. That’s because we’re more than agents. We’re a community of solid folks who share the same values, goals, and objectives of providing a level of excellence in customer service that is unsurpassed by any other agency.

Of course, anyone can say that, so please take a look at our reviews. We couldn’t get the high volume of praise and positive feedback we do if it wasn’t really true.

With True Blue, you have a friend to help you get your life insurance. Call us today—1.866.816.2100.


True Blue Life Insurance is an independent life insurance agency representing over 50 of the best life insurance companies nationwide.