Sagicor Life Insurance Review 2021

Sagicor is our favorite company for term without a medical exam. Their pricing is excellent, and their application can be completed online.
Author: Brian Greenberg CEO of True Blue Life Insurance
Last updated May 17, 2021

Our take on Sagicor

“Wise financial thinking for life,” that’s Sagicor’s tagline, and, as they promote so prominently on their website, the heart, and soul of the whole platform. One of the definitive reasons this company is so impressive is that it has a vaulted and highly commendable lineage.

Sagicor’s history

Sagicor is one of the oldest and most respected insurers in the Americas, one with a famed and distinguished history that dates back to 1840, to Bridgetown, Barbados. Over the years, the company and its practices have grown.

It started on the 24th of November, 1840, when Howard Gill purchased its first policy. One with a sum assured of $10,000 – and then evolved to a multinational conglomerate that underwrites NASA programs, has multiple foundations, issues bonds on the International market, and even owns one of the largest banks in the Caribbean. The Sagicor Bank, formally known as the RBC Jamaica.

Where Sagicor shines

Sagicor is a convenient and straightforward life insurance company. Among its many products and the one that most impresses us and our customers is its streamlined no medical exam life insurance.

The whole application process is straightforward and fast and can be completed over the phone or through your computer.

Rates are competitive compared to other popular choices, and if you are between 18- 65, you can get $1 million in coverage without the need for a medical exam. If, on the other hand, you do get a medical exam, that coverage can skyrocket to a staggering $10 million.

What we like

Sagicor offers 180 years of experience

Sagicor has over 180 years of experience under its belt. Sure, a century of experience isn’t unheard of among life insurance providers. But an additional 80 years goes a long way.

Customers first

Sagicor has always prized its customers above everything else. They offer great service, which in turn translate to exceptional ratings.

Great value for the money

Sagicor has coverage in over 45 States, and it is considered one of the best value insurance companies out there.

What we don’t like

Not the best option for people with health conditions

Sagicor doesn’t sign up people with serious health conditions. Certain companies do take individuals with serious health conditions. Sagicor is not one of them. Among the conditions listed are sleep apnea, diabetes, arthritis, and asthma.

Not the best option for term with a medical exam

While Sagicor does offer term life insurance with a medical exam, their pricing isn’t as competitive as their non-medical exam version.