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About Protective Life Insurance Company

Protective Life Insurance Company was established on a profound belief in the American dream: Provide quality products with excellent service and success will follow.

Since 1907, Protective Life Insurance Company has remained true to its core beliefs: Quality, Serving people, and Growth.

This unwavering commitment to doing the right thing for the people we serve has been rewarded with stable, long-term relationships and continuous growth.

Today, Protective Life is one of the nation's leading insurance companies, proving the wisdom of our Company's vision: Doing the right thing is smart business.®

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A.M. Best Rating:A+
S&P Rating:AA
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Protective Life Corporation 2801 Highway 280 South Birmingham, AL 35223

Our review for Protective Life Insurance Company

Protective offers a unique term product that’s a hybrid of a term and universal life policy. The policy gives you the option to extend it past the original term.

It’s a well-priced product and a good fit for many people. Applications are taken during a 30-minute phone call with a Protective representative. With an average approval time of 2-3 weeks, Protective is quicker than most companies that require an exam.

Products of Protective Life Insurance Company

Custom Choice UL - Term

Acting as a universal life policy, the pricing and structure of the Protective Custom Choice UL plan is similar to a standard term life insurance policy.

It’s a great fit for those who want to keep a decreasing amount of coverage after the end of the selected term. Protective also offers competitive underwriting for a variety of health conditions and allows for electronic delivery of documents and policies.

Length of coverage:10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 year
Minimum coverage:$100,000
Maximum coverage:$1,000,000
Estimated time to approval:7 - 25 days
Product features:

Protective Life Insurance Company Reviews

The following reviews are published by True Blue Life Insurance customers, after purchasing a life insurance policy issued by Protective Life Insurance Company.
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