Mutual of Omaha Cancer, Heart attack & Stroke insurance

Mutual of Omaha offers a unique product that pays if you are diagnosed with cancer, heart attack and stroke, and other critical illnesses.
Author: Brian Greenberg CEO of True Blue Life Insurance
Last updated March 12, 2021

Cancer, Heart attack & Stroke insurance

Mutual of Omaha is well-known for its life insurance products. But they also offer a unique product that pays while you are still alive.

These products are designed for one purpose. To ease your financial burdens while you are going through a tough time.

Mutual of Omaha offers this type of insurance in 3 plans:

  • Cancer insurance
  • Heart attack & stroke insurance
  • Cancer, heart attack & stroke, and critical illness insurance

Before we explain each one, let’s explain the basics of these plans first. The idea is that you get these plans before you get diagnosed. So, if you are already diagnosed with cancer, or suffered from a heart attack or stroke, it’s too late.

So you may be wondering, why pay for something that may never happen? Well, ultimately, that’s what insurance is for. It’s to protect you in case it does happen.

In 2020 alone, roughly 1.8 million people in the United States were diagnosed with a type of cancer. Luckily, survival rates have been steadily increasing for years. But cancer still takes a heavy toll on you and your loved ones nonetheless. Think about missed work, driving to doctor appointments, not to mention the emotional stress that comes with it.

And for that reason, Mutual of Omaha developed these unique plans. Upon diagnosis, you can receive up to $100,000 in instant benefits. Additionally, Mutual of Omaha will also pay for treatment including preventative screening costs.