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Living Through Death Without Life Insurance

It has been three years since Chezerea Ortiz’s dad died, but they are still surviving through the struggle to maintain a life.

At the age of 45 the main wage earner for the Ortiz family died without life insurance. To try to cover the lost income Chezerea started working two jobs to try and support her family. The video below gives us the story of how Chezerea has learned from her parents’ mistakes.

“If my father had made preparations for his death, things would be different now. It’s a sad fact, but children must sometimes learn from their parents’ mistakes,” Chezerea says.

Through her own hard work and commitment Chezerea had the chance to continue her education. With scholarships and some help from her grandparents, Chezerea recently completed a certification program to be a dental assistant. In addition, Marcus, now 20, got his GED and is about to start community college.

The unexpected loss of a loved one is difficult enough to deal with, but when that loved one is providing income for a family to survive it can be near impossible to make it from paycheck to paycheck. For that reason True Blue Life Insurance has provided a simple method of obtaining life insurance quotes without sharing any personal information.

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Brian started his financial career working for Metlife Insurance Company. Using his internet skills, he decided to pursue a better way to provide customers with life insurance by building a quoting engine and underwriting fulfilment process. With True Blue Life Insurance, Brian is licensed to sell life, health, and annuities throughout the United States. He is committed to constantly improving the online life insurance process.
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