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Life Insurance Enters the 21st Century with No Medical Exams

Last updated November 18, 2017

Buying life insurance traditionally involves setting up a home appointment with an agent, disclosing detailed medical information, getting cleared by a doctor, and waiting for a mountain of paperwork to be approved.

That system didn’t work for Maria Alvarado of Turlock, CA. She wanted life insurance for her family, but working seven days a week cleaning houses, she didn’t have time to set up an appointment or participate in a lengthy meeting.

So she went online to, found a policy she liked, entered only her most basic contact details, and pressed a button. That was it. The next day she had her insurance, with no appointments or medical exam necessary.

But did the online policy meet her needs?

“Yes, I’m really happy with it,” Alvarado said. After a few months, she upgraded her policy to get additional coverage—again, with the click of a button.

David Cook of Oxnard, CA, also chose True Blue to save time. A retired Navy man, he has insurance through the military and could have chosen to visit his doctor to obtain traditional life insurance, but decided not to.

“It takes time. You have to go on base and wait,” he said. “Convenience was the number one thing for me—get it done as quickly as possible.”

As purchasing services on the internet gains wider acceptance, more people are choosing to buy life insurance online, particularly if they can avoid a medical exam.

“There’s definitely a large demand for it,” said Jason Cozzetti, a wholesale representative for National Brokerage, LLC, which sells the no-medical-exam policies. “People don’t want anyone in their house taking up their time. They don’t want to slow down to do blood and urine tests with a nurse.”

No-medical-exam life insurance is riskier for insurers, and not many life insurance companies currently offer such policies, but that’s likely to change due to customer demand, said Brian Greenberg, CEO of True Blue. About 60% of his business consists of no-medical-exam policies, and the proportion continues to grow.

No-medical-exam insurance can cost more than the kind that requires an exam. Still, customers prefer it. “Given a choice, they’ll pay more for it,” said Greenberg, whose business this year won him entrance to the Million Dollar Round Table, an association of the top 1% of insurance professionals.

Insurance companies are heavily regulated and run on antiquated systems that are hard to change, Greenberg said.

“As more medical data becomes available online, it will be easier to do. Without a doubt, the medical insurance business is going to move to this model.”

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  1. Boise Insurance Agents
    Boise Insurance Agents says:

    Ya you make some great points. Life insurance will continue to get easier and easier to get, especially as medical information become easier for companies to obtain.

    Also, with life insurance company competition, each company is forced into making things easier and easier for the consumer.


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