Instant Issue Life Insurance

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Provides approval and coverage in hours (in some cases, minutes), with no exam required.


Can be more expensive, compared with a traditional, fully underwritten term life insurance policy.

Who It Is Best For:

Ideal for someone looking for affordable coverage with the quickest possible approval time.

Instant Issue Term Life Insurance

Last updated December 20, 2019

Are you looking for quick term life insurance without the hassle of a medical exam, a long, detailed background form, and weeks of waiting for underwriting to approve you? Instant issue term life insurance with no waiting period can give you the coverage you want, without the headaches.

In some situations, waiting for an underwriting decision is not a luxury you can afford. Maybe there’s a business loan that requires a life insurance policy at the last minute to secure finalization, or a divorce decree requiring life insurance coverage that lists the children as beneficiaries. In circumstances like these, instant issue life insurance could be the answer you’re looking for.

Instant Issue Life Insurance Comparison Chart

Issue Amount$50,000 – $500,000$50,000 – $400,000$50,000 – $400,000$10,000 – $100,000
Issue Age18 – 5018 – 8018 – 8018 – 64
Convertible To Whole Life PolicyYes, during years 1 – 5YesYes, for the first half of the termNo
Living BenefitsNoYesYesYes
Price: (37-year-old male, non-smoker, in California, for $100k in coverage)$24.99 per month$23.28 per month$33.31 per month$67.92 per month

How quickly can you get life insurance?

With instant issue term life insurance, the process is quick. Just click on “get a quote” above, answer a few short questions, and get a quote on your coverage. From there, begin the application — which asks a few more questions about your health — and then start finalizing your policy with one of our agents. In as quick as a few minutes, you’ll know if you qualify and what the final price of the life insurance policy will be. Compared with traditional life insurance policies that can take weeks, you can have same-day instant issue term life insurance coverage within minutes.

How much life insurance can you get without a medical exam?

Also known as non-medical life insurance, instant issue life insurance is best suited for people in good health who are between ages 18 and 60. For young and healthy individuals, rates for instant issue coverage can end up being less expensive than a fully underwritten policy in some cases. Term lengths are usually 10, 15, and 20 years, with coverage amounts ranging from $25,000 to $500,000.

Although there’s no medical exam involved, it’s important to be honest about your medical history. If you were to die and/or the insurance company were to discover during the contestability period (typically 2 years from the start of the policy) that the answers you provided were not accurate, the policy could be canceled and any claim denied. Honesty in life insurance is always the best policy.

One of the easiest types of policies to obtain, instant issue (non-medical) life insurance might be the solution when you need coverage in the shortest time possible, with no medical exam.

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Nov 13, 2019
Ying Lee - California
Jennifer Plisch is a wonderful agent.
Jennifer Plisch True Blue agent
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Jen again is responsive and looks after my interests. She is my trusted insurance agent.
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Cheryl was very friendly and professional. She explained everything very well and was quick to respond via text, phone and email.
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Instant Issue Life Insurance
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