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Is No Medical Life Insurance Right For You?

When beginning the tedious task of searching for the right life insurance plan, you’re bound to become frustrated with what seems like a never-ending process of information gathering. These companies want to find out everything they can about you: your personal details, your habits, your family history, your health. Not only is it stressfully invasive, […]

Life Insurance: How Long Is the Application Process?

  Expect the process to take 3-6 weeks on average; however, products like no medical exam life insurance, instant issue life insurance, and guaranteed issue life insurance are quicker but carry a higher premium when compared with a traditionally underwritten life insurance policy. Obtaining life insurance can be a notoriously long process — so much […]

Medicare Part B

What Is Medicare Part B? Understanding Your Coverage And The Medicare Part B Costs Medicare Part B is the physician services portion of Medicare coverage that supports medically necessary treatment, services, and supplies in an outpatient or office setting. Similar to private insurance, Medicare Part B covers medically necessary: Outpatient services Office visits Durable medical […]

Your Medicare Card

Its Importance and How to Replace a Lost Card A Medicare card is a federally issued identification card that is needed to receive the Medicare benefits. Upon turning 65, you will automatically qualify for Medicare if you are an American citizen or permanent resident with five continuous years of residency. However, you may not be […]