American National Life Insurance Company

American National Life Insurance Company (ANICO or ANICO Direct) is one of the best no medical exam life insurance companies and one of the top final expense companies True Blue is proud to offer. American National continues to rank very high among the most affordable term life insurance providers and offers one of the highest policy face values without a medical exam in the industry. ANICO’s commitment to quality and affordability makes it one of the best life insurance carriers currently in the marketplace.

As a leader in life insurance innovation, American National strives to be the most competitive in the full medical exam and no medical exam marketplace by being the most aggressive in pricing, financial strength, and quality of product offerings.

American National Term Monthly Rate Example:

(40-year-old male, non-smoker, in California)
Coverage Amount10-Year Term20-Year Term30-Year Term

Not Great For:


  • Great living benefits
  • Fully convertible
  • No-exam policies available
  • Up to $1 million in coverage with expedited underwriting


  • Longer-than-normal underwriting approval time for fully underwritten policies

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American National Signature Term

As one of the most competitive term policies on the market, ANICO’s Signature Term provides quality term coverage at an affordable rate.

  • People ages 18-70
  • Up to $250,000 in coverage
  • No intrusive medical exam required
  • Living benefits similar to long-term care

American National Signature TermRequest An American National Life Insurance Quote for Signature Term

American National Signature Term Xpress

Offers the same great coverage as the Signature Term product with expedited underwriting in as short as one day.

  • People ages 0-65
  • Up to $250,000 in coverage
  • No intrusive medical exam required
  • Living benefits similar to long-term care
  • Fast underwriting

American National Signature TermRequest A Life Insurance Quote for American National Signature Term Xpress

American National Signature Term Xpress Plus

The same type of product as the Signature Term Xpress, but with higher dollar limits without automatic medical exams

  • People ages 0-65
  • Up to $1,000,000 in coverage
  • Medical exam may be required
  • Living benefits similar to long-term care
  • Fast underwriting

American National Signature TermRequest A Life Insurance Quote for American National Signature Term Xpress Plus

American National Signature Term (Including Xpress and Xpress Plus)

American National life insurance

When it comes to affordable life insurance that doesn’t require a medical exam, it’s extremely hard to beat American National’s Signature Term. ANICO’s conservative pricing and generous face value helps make this company the power player it is in the no-medical-exam arena, with a highly competitive product and very affordable rates.

As with many other term products in the market, American National Life Insurance Company offers conversion of its term policies to a permanent policy. This is beneficial for customers who seek a cash value policy that lasts their entire life and accelerated benefits if the insured becomes terminally ill and needs access to the funds early to pay for medical costs associated with the illness.

Signature Term Xpress 

American National Life Insurance Signature Term XpessFor those who need life insurance and want it quickly, American National provides the Signature Term Xpress policy for coverage amounts up to $250,000. Signature Term Xpress offers exactly the same coverage and benefits as traditional Signature Term, with a quicker turnaround time. Underwriting decisions with Xpress are based primarily on answers to the application, along with the customer’s electronic medical records and prescription history. (Occasionally, other information may be required.)

Signature Term Xpress Plus

American National Life Insurance Signature Term Xpress PlusFor customers who are in good health and need larger face value on their life insurance with quick underwriting, American National Signature Term Xpress Plus provides up to $1,000,000 in coverage, with expedited underwriting. With a streamlined approach to provide a more automated experience, Xpress Plus makes the process of obtaining high-dollar coverage quicker and easier by using technological innovations. As long as the responses to questions on the application meet the requirements in the Xpress Plus guidelines, exams will not be automatically required.

Common Features

  • Accelerated benefit ($2,000,000 max):
    • Terminal illness: Illness or chronic condition with an expected death within 12 to 24 months
    • Chronic illness: If the insured is unable to perform two of the six activities required for daily living or is cognitively impaired
    • Critical illness: Any critical illness as described in the rider after purchase of policy
  • Fully convertible to a permanent policy within the first five years of policy ownership

Additional Riders

  • Children’s term rider – Provides term coverage to each child up to age 25, at which point it can be converted to a permanent policy
  • Disability rider – Provides coverage of policy premiums in the event the insured is totally disabled and unable to pay premiums

Application Process

Step 1: Contact Us

Our job is to find the best solution for you without the typical sales pressure and to answer any questions you may have. We shop for the best rates and then work with you to find the policy that is right for you. Call us at (866) 816-2100 or email us with any questions or to get a quote. You can also get your own quote on our website and request that we follow up with you once you’ve taken the time you need to research the many options available.

Step 2: Application

Once you have determined which insurance policy best suits you, we will send you the application and even help you complete it. Depending on the company, applications can be electronic or paper applications. Once the application is completed, we will inform you of the next steps (if there are any).

Step 3: Underwriting

The completed application is reviewed by the insurance company’s underwriting team, who will make a final decision on your application. Underwriting can be simple and quick, or long and complex, depending on the type of insurance policy you are applying for. We will keep you informed of the status and let you know if additional information is needed.

Step 4: Policy Issuance

Once the application is approved, your policy will be sent to you and you can select the payment option that works best for you. Upon receipt of the first payment, your policy coverage will be in effect.

Regulatory Information

National Association of Insurance Commissioners

When selecting an insurance product, it is always beneficial to check the individual insurance company’s financial and regulatory standings. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is the association of regulatory bodies for the insurance industry in the United States. Click here to find more information on American National Life Insurance on the NAIC website.

Compare American National Signature Term

 American National Life Insurance Company

Sagicor Life InsuranceState Farm Life Insurance
Full Living Benefits Yes NoNo
Policy Minimum$50,000$50,000$50,000
Policy Maximum (No Medical Exam)$250,000$500,000N/A
Medical Exam RequiredNoNoYes
Issue Age18 – 70 years of age18 – 65 years of age18 – 75 years of age
Pricing Example
(Male, Age 40, Non-smoker, $250,000 in coverage)
$40.61 per month$41.66 per month$40.68 per month

Compare American National Signature Term Xpress

 American National Life Insurance Company

American CompanyFarmer's Insurance
Full Living Benefits Yes NoNo
Policy Minimum$50,000$50,000$50,000
Policy Maximum (No Medical Exam)$250,000$500,000$150,000
Medical Exam RequiredNoNoNo
Issue Age18 – 70 years of age18 – 50 years of age18 – 70 years of age
Pricing Example
(Male, Age 50, Non-smoker, $150,000 in coverage)
$55.34 per month$64.46 per month$117.37 per month
American National Insurance Company

One Moody Plaza
Galveston, TX 77550-7947

Phone:(800) 899-6806  
* A.M. Best:A (Excellent) 

American National Insurance Company was founded in 1905 by William L. Moody, Jr. and is headquartered in Galveston, Texas. The Company has multiple subsidiaries and has operations in Springfield, Missouri; Glenmont, New York; League City, Texas; and San Antonio, Texas.

Throughout the company’s history, the Moody family members have maintained an active role in the direction of the company. Strong management and prudent reinvestment in the company’s growth have made the company a major provider of insurance and annuities.

American National offers a broad variety of life insurance, retirement annuities, accident and health insurance, pension plan products and services, credit insurance, and property/casualty insurance for personal lines, agribusiness and targeted commercial exposures. Products are distributed through career agents, independent marketing organizations and multiple line exclusive agents as well as direct distribution channels.

American National’s mission is to be the company of choice for insurance and other financial products and services while maintaining superior financial strength.

True Blue Review:

American National is one of our favorite companies. They have amazing products, helpful employees, and are willing to work with people who have some health issues.

The customer service is extraordinary.

We often consult with the company's underwriters before applying to ensure clients get the best-priced policies.

Applications take about 30 minutes to complete over the phone, and an email signature is required.

American National products offer the best living benefit riders we have, for free. The Terminal, Chronic and Critical Illness riders allow you to withdraw from the policy's death benefit in the event of disability or significant medical expenses.

Regarding the Terminal illness rider, most companies allow access to the death benefit with a diagnosis of fewer than 12 months to live. American National products will enable you to withdrawal the death benefit with a diagnosis of fewer than 24 months. We have witnessed the joy this feature can bring a family.

The prices are not the lowest in the industry, though the free benefits that come with the policies make the products a steal.

We like this company's ethics.


*A.M. Best Company ratings range from A ++ (Superior) to F (In Liquidation)
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