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Customer Service Number: 1-800-533-2220

American National by Assurant Preneed

Who is American Memorial?

If you’re older than 50 and you have shopped for final expense life insurance, chances are likely American Memorial is a company you’ve heard of. American Memorial is the underwriting entity for Assurant Global Preneed. In other words, American Memorial is the sister company that you’ll work with and speak with to buy life insurance from parent company Assurant. While this may sound shady, it’s perfectly normal in the life insurance industry.

Through its American Memorial Life channel, Assurant Preneed provides the insurance products and support services for the largest funeral provider in North America based on total revenues, SCI. As of September 30, 2004, SCI operated over 1,200 funeral service locations and over 400 cemeteries in North America.

The company’s independent channel is comprised of 3,000 funeral firms in the U.S. and Canada. Assurant Preneed began operating with the acquisition of United Family Life Insurance Company in 1980. American Memorial Life Insurance Company was purchased in 2000. Assurant Preneed offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia and Rapid City, South Dakota.

What does American Memorial offer?

American Memorial offers multiple financial products, however, final expense insurance (also known as funeral insurance) is their largest source of income. It’s a type of life insurance available to people ages 50 to 85. Since it’s a whole life insurance product, you will remain insured as long as you pay the premium. In other words, if you get insured at age 68, you will still be insured at age 92, as long as you paid your monthly premium.

Final expense does not require a medical examination to qualify you. Instead, they will ask you some health questions, and check your public records. For instance, prescription medication records, health records, even driving records can be used in order to qualify you.

The best alternatives to American Memorial

While American Memorial has a great performance record, we do not quote their rates for various reasons. Such reasons are underwriting speed, customer feedback, and cost. However, we do quote other great companies.

The best alternatives to American Memorial are Mutual of Omaha, United Home Life, Royal neighbors of America and Gerber.

Final expense company comparison:

Mutual of OmahaUnited home lifeRoyal neighbors of America
Age45 - 8520 - 8050 - 85
Coverage$2,000 – $40,000$5,000 - $100,000$5,000 - $25,000
AvailabilityNot in AR, MT, NCNot in AK, ME, MT, NY, SD, VT, WYNot in AK, AL, HI, LA, MA, NH, NY
HighlightExcellent company and productsLargest age and coverage rangesMost lenient for health conditions
A.M Best ratingA+ (Superior)A- (Excellent)A- (Excellent)
Compare prices from these carriers

We recommend that you always compare the prices of multiple insurance providers. Never settle for one quote from one company. Otherwise, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars extra, for the same coverage, with equal or better products.

When you compare rates on True Blue, you can compare rates from all the best life insurance providers at once. No confusion, no biased opinions. Get a quote, compare, and make the decision yourself.

Ready to compare your final expense life insurance rates?

American Memorial contact information

If you’ve purchased an American Memorial policy, you must contact Assurant Solutions Preneed Division directly. Their phone number is 1-800-533-2220, open Monday through Friday – 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (MST).

You can visit Assurant Preneed’s website for more information.

Address:440 Mt Rushmore Rd, Rapid City, SD 57701
A.M. Best:A (Excellent)
41 replies
  1. Martha Frank
    Martha Frank says:

    Need to notify someone about a check I sent in for Oct. payment has not cleared my bank and I have not received a voucher to send in November’s payment. A call would be appreciated: 479-996-4642 Policy Number 3-171864. I am afraid that my check was one of those that drop off box was broken into. I am never late with payments and I sure don’t want this to effect my policy. Please let me hear from you as to what my next step can be. Maybe direct deposit.
    Martha Frank, NOv. 14, 2020.

  2. Juan Carlos Gutierrez
    Juan Carlos Gutierrez says:

    I need to send in a payment. Can I please get the address of where to send it to? Also, I need to know the premium payment. Your telephone/contact is down for a week.

  3. Jullie
    Jullie says:

    Hi guys,

    I got a policy for my son and I and my mom bought two policies as well. When we gave our initial deposit/payment I provided my card info for recurring payments. Well, every month I get a bill. When I call customer service I get tossed around left and right to different people and different numbers. Everyone I talk to seems lost and I’ve been told that they never got the info. I’ve asked for current balance and list of payment and they don’t have access to it?????? WHAT??? I totally understand the frustration you all feel. When I said I wanted to cancel my policy and get my money back the operator simply said “ok” like it wasn’t a big deal and didn’t care. Supposedly the pre-arrangements of your funeral services and/or your loved ones is so you can have peace of mind, can’t have it with the way this people work. It makes me feel unsure of what will happen at the time of need.

    • Jewel Horner
      Jewel Horner says:

      After several calls I finally got someone who knew what he was doing and help straighten out my burial ins. I understand with payment center change and COVID-19 causing many to have to work from home has many things hard, and it looks like they are getting their act together.

    • Penny Collins
      Penny Collins says:

      I have read several of these comments & there’s one approach to this that seems to be missing. Every one of you is in control of your bank own accounts. If you can’t get an answer to your questions, cut off the money supply. I guarantee you will have someone on the phone in no time eager to help you. YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER! Their business makes money because of you & the money you give them.


    Give me some info about your check I received for $292.56 to Clarence Morell Smith.The check number 756230? From American Memorial life? Thanks

  5. Angela Cazares
    Angela Cazares says:

    I need to make sure my pending policy is cancelled. Please direct me to an email address and contact that will process my request. I have already contacted customer service at 800-533-2220, but they have not been able to assure me to my satisfaction that it will be cancelled as per my request.

  6. Angela Cazares
    Angela Cazares says:

    I need the best email address to contact American Memorial Life Insurance Company to cancel my policy. I started my policy on 09/07/20 and in my state (Texas) I have 30 days to cancel without penalty i.e. with a full refund. I paid an initial payment of over $800 and that was the only payment I authorized. I was supposed to be billed in the mail as I was going to pay by check every month. I called 1-800–533-2220 and spoke with 4 different customer service reps and they all told me not to worry about it because my policy was still pending and had not been processed, yet they said I had to wait 30 days for my initial payment to be recredited to my debit card! The AMLIC agent at the funeral home I went to has washed her hands of it and said there is absolutely nothing she can do to insure that my policy is cancelled (although it is still pending) and that I recieve my refund. The last AMLIC agent I spoke to DID NOT give me instruction as to what exactly I needed to do to make certain my policy is cancelled as it is still pending. I emailed a written request to cancel (without a form) to [email protected] and got a generic reply that said it would be added to my file in 48 hours but at this point, I don’t trust it. I will have to call customer service in 2 days to see if indeed my policy will be cancelled and hope I don’t get the run around again. I find it hard to believe this company has an A rating.

    Please direct me to the best contact email address available for me to cancel my pending policy so that I can get a timely refund. Thank you.

  7. Edward Capinpin Hoff
    Edward Capinpin Hoff says:

    I have written to American Memorial to an email address they gave me which is
    [email protected]
    but the letter was sent back which says rejected permanent fatal errors.
    I live in the Philippines and it’s hard for me to contact them by phone or postal mail.
    What is the right email address for American Memorial. My insurance is all paid off but I would like to know the value of it now.
    Thank you
    Edward Capinpin Hoff

    • Brian Greenberg
      Brian Greenberg says:

      I would suggest calling them. Maybe through Skype?
      American Memorial Life Insurance Company
      Another option is comment on their Facebook page. I see that they respond.
      They recently updated their site and I cannot find an email address either!
      Maybe call some of their local offices?
      Let us know if you have success so we can help others get ahold of them better.

  8. Alyce Davidson
    Alyce Davidson says:

    I have spoken to Donetta with American Memorial twice. I wanted to pay off the balance but was going through very stressful situations during May when I should have done it. I have been denied even though my mind was on trying to save my family business from going under during COVID that has been in business for 49 years. I think this is wrong and if I had read the comments beforehand that are on here, it would have given me the heads up on not using American Memorial. My Mom is going to plan hers soon and I have advised her against American Memorial! She is arranging hers at the same funeral home my husband and I did. I have filed a complaint with the BBB!
    I am a business woman too and I always try to do what is right and this is NOT right!

  9. Zoraida Marrero
    Zoraida Marrero says:

    Like others I’m new to Assurant, I find your payment options to be extremely ridiculous. You charge $5 if I pay online and $10 if I pay via phone, set up for auto pay or mail in a check. As you probably know, hardly anybody mails in checks and almost everything is paid online without having to pay ridiculous payment fee. I have 3 different policies, that would mean $15 a month for online payment. This doesn’t benefit me or many of your customers. I did not choose your company when I set up my funeral arrangements, they did, and I wasn’t notified of this ridiculous payment options. If I had known, I would have gone with someone else. Please don’t ask me to call Assurant cause I already did and the customer service told me there’s nothing they can do. In other words a waste of time. Can you, please send this message to person that probably can help with this situation instead of asking us to complain to Assurant. This is very annoying and unnecessary extra customer work. Company should deal directly with Funeral Companies and make a deal with them to solve this issue, which probably doesn’t seem like a big issue to you. I’m gonna stop because this is frustrating and I can go on forever.

  10. Orin Svarc
    Orin Svarc says:

    We have two policys that we took out in 1966 with Perpetual National Life Insurance Company (for my wife and myself). We are totally paid up for years and receive Dividend Notices each year at tax time from American Memorial. We would like to cash out these two polices but do not have the required information I need to send you. How do I do this? I have the policies here. I would also like to know what the cash value of each is now worth. This is not a death claim. We are both alive.

  11. Phyllis Van Dyke
    Phyllis Van Dyke says:

    I found your payment options to be extremely difficult. You want to charge me 5 to 10 dollars if I want to make an extra payment or via a different way other than the auto pay that was set up….In others words you are NOT customer friendly by any means, this is something you should work on…..I did not choose your company when I set up my contract with Valley of the Sun for cremation services your company was the one they gave me…Unfortunately…

  12. brett mccabe
    brett mccabe says:

    we already have assurant American memorial and im not sure if I am emailing the correct place. We would like to know if we can go paperless, do you have a website?

  13. Patricia Lawson
    Patricia Lawson says:

    I purchased a life insurance on January 13, 2020. I paid the first 3 months premium and have heard nothing else from the company. I need payment coupons or soneppme notification to send with my payment.. I’m comNcerned about this account. I feel like maybe I’ve been scammed. I live in Kentucky..

    • Brian Greenberg
      Brian Greenberg says:

      I don’t see you in our system as a client. If you have an American Memorial Policy it is best to give their customer service a call.
      Contact our Customer Service
      Assurant Solutions Preneed Division – Rapid City
      440 Mt. Rushmore Road
      Rapid City, SD 57701
      Open Monday through Friday – 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (MST).

  14. Jerry J Russell
    Jerry J Russell says:

    I have paid off my policy (2-07-2020) three months ago and I have not received any confirmation or information that the policy has been paid off. I have called your service office and confirmed that the final payment was received and the policy was paid off, I was told then that they would get information to me to show the police is paid off. This was two months and I have not received anything from you! When can I expect something from you to show everything is paid off and the policy is good,

    Please respond as soon as possible this is no way to run a business.

    Susan Russell
    [email protected]
    817 221 3905

    • Brian Greenberg
      Brian Greenberg says:

      You need to call American Memorial Customer Service.
      Assurant Solutions Preneed Division – Rapid City
      440 Mt. Rushmore Road
      Rapid City, SD 57701
      Open Monday through Friday – 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (MST).
      I hope this helps.

  15. Rhiannon Duncan
    Rhiannon Duncan says:

    I tried to access the Assurant website address as you have indicated in this site to contact them for an American Memorial Insurance contact. I am missing the policy for my grandfather, to which i am the beneficiary, and the one paying the premiums. I need to contact them regarding type of policy? Whole life? Term? At this point i have paid more in premiums than policy has value? Please advise a valid email or website for them. Thank you.

  16. Steve Richey
    Steve Richey says:

    I am the son and fiduciary for me mother, who purchased a policy several years ago (in the 80’s or 90’s, I think) and payments are still being made via her credit union account. However, when moving to assisted living, she lost her paperwork/policy #. In order to allow this policy to continue, I need information regarding what it is. Was unable to get the webpage to work. How do I find out the information regarding this policy? She resides in southern Indiana, and am assuming that this is a life insurance policy.

  17. Daniel L Richardson
    Daniel L Richardson says:

    i sent back my policy and cancelled the policy yet they are still sending me a premium payment notice and it was returned before 30 days

  18. Robert M Hendrix
    Robert M Hendrix says:

    Have burial insurance for myself and Myra Jean Hendrix through Pendry’s Funeral Home in Lenoir, N C. Can this be shifted to another funeral home while we are still living? With this policy through American Memorial Life Insurance Company we will have full coverage for complete funeral. If we can’t switch now will there be any problem switching upon our death? Thank you for responding.


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